Trying out the new tent

Today was a lazy sunday, perfect for trying out the new tent on the backyard. Everything went great, and the tent feels a lot bigger than the one we used in North America. Especially a lot more room to store bags.

15 days to go now. All of us are working one or two more weeks. Christofer and Jonas in Jönköping and Christian up north in Boden. On july 29 all three of us will meet up at a friends apartment in Stockholm where we’ll sleep for a few hours before Christofer brother, Viktor, drives us to Arlanda airport at 3 am on july 30. We’ll be able to use a friends trailer to get the bikes from Jönköping to Stockholm! Thanks Mikael for lending us your trailer, thanks Mattias for having us on your floor for one night and thanks Viktor for driving us!

Currently we are looking for accommodation in Split, but there aren’t many warm shower hosts to choose between, so right now we’re looking into Couchsurfing. If that doesn’t work out we’ll have to crash in a cheap apartment or hostel.

We’ve decided to skip the Croatian coast line. The road along the coast feels both to narrow and to heavily trafficked. It feels like a death trap 🙂 Instead we’ll head straight for Sarajevo after spending two nights in Split.

Now, let’s get back to that lazy sunday.

/Christofer, Christian and Jonas


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