North America 2012

In april 2012 the four of us in Restless bikers will head out on a five months adventure. With tents, spirit stoves, and tight outfits we’ll bike from San Francisco to New York, biking through the US and parts of Canada.

The trip starts with a flight to San Francisco where the four of us will meet up (three flying from Sweden and one from Australia). The plan is then to stay a few days in San Francisco. Get som supplies, get rid of the jetlag and just enjoy the hilly city. After that we bike south along Highway 1 to Los Angeles, and then head east to Las Vegas, Rocky Mountains, Monument Valley, Denver, Omaha, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and then south to Boston and finally, after about 10 000 kilometers, New York City!

On the map above you can see the route. Click on the map to enlarge it. However, the route is very uncertain, and will probably change a lot depending on what we decide to do.

We’ll blog on this site the entire trip, until we reach New York City in August or September 2012. Give us a call, send an e-mail or comment on a blog post if you have any questions.
+46 705 92 65 24 (Christofer)