No promise!


After checking out from our hostel last Thursday morning we had breakfast at a local restaurant and then hit the road. Our first goal was to find a mall and get some food and spare parts. We found it with some help from locals with really bad English. After filling our bags with stuff we biked a few kilometres, and then we were lost. Eventually a man in a car stopped and showed us the way. He said left when he meant right, right when he meant left, but we found our way! He also said `No promise` when he meant No problem. `Yes and then you go left (pointing right), No promise!!` Very confusing but also very funny!

The day then started with about 10km uphill in what felt like 40 degrees Celsius. A hard start. But some cold coke made us survive. When it was time for lunch we realized we had bought the wrong kind of fuel for our stove. So we had both cold lunch and cold dinner consisting of beans, couscous and vegetables. Yummi. That night we slept under the stars on top of a hill. Spectacular!

The next day we started with breakfast at a small German restaurant close to the Bosnian border. Omelette, bread and coffee and then we where ready for a great day. After 10km we crossed the border without problems and later jumped into a lake which we really appreciated in the heat. Then we had a lot more uphill before we had lunch outside a supermarket in the middle of nowhere. During lunch we were accompanied with some kids that wanted to speak English. After that great lunch we made a mistake and took a wrong turn which meant 40km detour. Fuck.

That night we slept on a beautiful field in our tents and woke up to a beautiful day that started with gravel for 10km. After a while we found a bar in the middle of nowhere where we took a soda and beer before continuing. After a few km Christian got a flat at a place without shade. Sweaty.

That day continued with uphill, downhill, uphill, a swim in a lake, and then lunch at a pizzeria in Prozor. After Prozor we had 15km downhill that ended up by a new lake where we took a swim and started talking to a german guy that bought us beer, coffee and food. Sweet! Eventually we were really full and biked 20 more kilometres before checking into a camping in Ostrozac. Fresh fish for dinner and falling asleep in sleeping bags under the stars. It’s good to be on the road!

Today we’ve had a pretty hard day on our way to Sarajevo where we currently are. The hills, headwind and heat are sometimes getting the best of us. But with plenty of water, coke, bananas and rest in the shade we manage to bike the 80km/day. And I think our bodies are getting more and more accustomed to the climate.

Now we will stay here at a youth hostel for two nights before heading to Montenegro!

Here are some stats:

Chased by dogs:
Christofer 2
Christian 0
Jonas 0

Christofer 0
Christian 1
Jonas 0

Lost items:
Christofer 0
Christian 0
Jonas 0


First night under the stars


Second night on a field


Mine fields in Bosnia!


Cycling in Bosnia


Lunch company


Bikes and beer


View from the camp ground on the third night


Entering Sarajevo


4 thoughts on “No promise!

  1. Ni verkar ha det sjukt gött! Vill höra mer om hundarna som jagade Ahlberg!! 🙂
    Har kollat runt lite bland folk jag känner som är från Balkanländerna men tyvärr så har de inga vänner eller släktingar i södra Bosnien. Har ni lust att ta en sväng till de norra delarna av landet så fixar de boende åt er utan problem! 😉
    Tror ni klarar er ändå! Ha det bäst!

  2. Det ser härligt ut. Ha det underbart på vägarna och se upp för lokala racerförare. Kramar från Singapore

  3. Hej! Ni verkar klara er fint! Här hemma har vi det också bra. Igår 29 grader i skuggan och sedan åska förstås. Vi är hemma från Vadstena där vi haft det härligt. Fast kanske inte så spännande som ni förstås. Trist för er att äta kall mat, men bättre än ingen mat alls. Jonas blir så kinkig utan mat…

    Ha det bäst!

    Kramisar Maggis

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