Short update the day before departure

Today is sunday and tomorrow we’re of to Stockholm for one last night in Sweden before taking an early flight to Split on tuesday morning.

Some things are still left to be done:

In a few hours Christofer will pick up the trailer and then go to the bike store Sportson to collect some cardboard boxes. Then starts the puzzle to disassemble the bikes and make them fit into the boxes.

Christofer ordered a new bike from “” 9 weeks ago (with an estimated delivery time of 3-4 weeks), however it has not yet arrived.  So, a little annoyed, he’s now bringing his old Scott-bike that made it across North America last year. So right now he’s trying to make it fit for the bumpy balkan roads!

Jonas one-person-tent is still up in Kiruna, so we’ll need to buy a new tent for him, or perhaps find a bigger tent that fits all the three of us.

Christian was out running the other day, and now his knee is hurt badly. So we’ll see how that works out. Perhaps he’ll have to do what Jonas did for a few weeks last year: pedal with only one leg 🙂

If you’ve missed it you can also read about our trip in Jönköpings local newspaper Check out the article about us here

That’s it for now! The next post will probably be written in Split! Take care and see you all soon!

/Christofer, Christian and Jonas


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