Beautiful Montenegro

Hey guys!

In Sarajevo we ate and drank and let our bodies relax and prepare for the upcoming hills. We also had time to visit a few war museums and take a tram and “forget” to buy a ticket, which cost us a small fine. Sarajevo was really pretty squeezed in between the mountains and such nice people everywhere. We truly recommend everyone to spend a few days there and experience the multi cultural city.

The way out of Sarajevo was hilly but beautiful. The first day we made it close to the border to Montenegro and slept on a hill side overlooking the mountains surrounding. During that day a small dog showed up at a place. He didn’t bark, but just ran with us for a while, smiling. Then for a while it ran in the opposite lane, and suddenly a car came and ran over it. A terrible sight and we felt really sad for the happy dog. May it rest in peace.

The next day we crossed the border and immediately signed up for a rafting trip. We jumped into vans that took us 16km up the river and then jumped into the rafts. The rafting took about two hours and was pretty mild but a lot of fun. Well spent time and money!

After the rafting we had no cash for lunch so we had to bike 25km on empty stomach before we reached Pluzine where they accepted credit cards. But those 25km was the absolute best ride so far. The road went right along long the lake Pivsko Jezero with mountains right next to it, and the view was amazing. In Pluzine we took an evening dip in the lake and then slept on a camping ground under the stars. The next day we planned to bike all the way to the south cost of Montenegro, but because of a LOT of ups and downs and the heat we only made it to Cevo where we slept under the stars again. In fact we have only used our tents once so far.

When we where about to sleep we heard barking dogs, horses, cows, birds, grasshopper, crickets making all the sounds in the world. And at the same time some kind of rat showed up and ran around our sleeping mats. It was a crazy night but eventually we were able to fall asleep.

Today we biked the last 50km to Kotor. Kotor is by the coast surrounded by mountains, and the road down the mountains this morning was greats. Video is coming later.

Both Bosnia and Montenegro has been great biking along rivers, lakes and over plenty of mountains. People are nice everywhere and they make our time here in the Balkans great. Here in Kotor all the hostels and apartments are full but we will sleep on the beach and are allowed to use toilet, showers, WiFi and more at a hostel for free 🙂 Free accommodation means more money spent on food and beer, so here we go!

Tomorrow we’ll head for the Albanian border but probably won’t make it all the way tomorrow.

Here are some pics, more coming later!


A cow!


River Tara


Entering Montenegro


Rafting (more pics later)


River Tara again


Lake Pivsko Jezero


Biking in Montenegro


Lake Pivsko Jezero again


Montenegro mountains


Lunch stop


Reaching the coast!


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Montenegro

  1. Ser helt fantastiskt ut! Och så skönt att folk är snälla. Bekräftar min åsikt att de flesta människor är hyggliga… Det gäller bara att våga ge dem chans att visa det. Att inte ha en massa förutfattade åsikter alltså.

    Puss o kram till er alla!

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