First post from the road!


Monday afternoon we said goodbye to Jönköping and packed our bikes and gear into a Toyota and headed for Stockholm. Five hours and a stop at McDonalds later we arrived in Märsta at a friends place were we slept for a few hours before we took the 7:50 plane to Split, Croatia. It was a smooth ride and we slept during the entire flight except when the cabin crew served free coffee 🙂

When we arrived we got all the bikes and gear without problems but quickly realized that it would cost us a fortune to transport the bikes into town. Therefore we assembled the bikes in the shade just outside the airport. It took us a few hours and we had plenty of spectators. After the bikes were assembled, the water bottles filled and we were in our biking outfit we biked the 25km into town and checked in to our apartment. It was a nice ride in the upper 30 degrees, but that didn’t bother us too much. The traffic was OK and our bikes worked without problems.

In Split we directly jumped into the ocean and grabbed a few beers. Later that night we were supposed to go out for dinner, but it was to expensive so we grabbed a few pizza slices and spent the money on beer instead.

Today we woke up at noon due to lack of sleep and spent the day on the beach and fixing up the bikes. We just got home from dinner (pizza slices again) and some cheap beer.

Tomorrow we are heading towards the Bosnian border. If you are interested in our route you can look at a map and see that we are passing through places like Solin, Klis, Bisko, Trilj and Kamensko before we reach Bosnian territory.

Split has been amazing with great beach life, cheap beer and over 30 degrees Celsius in the air. We will see how it is to bike in that heat tomorrow, but we are really looking forward to hit the road no matter how hot it is!

Take care everyone and hope you are planning your own bike trip!

/C, C and J


Outside the airport Arlanda in Stockholm!


Fixing the bikes outside our apartment


Biking in Split!


View from a bar in Split


One thought on “First post from the road!

  1. Hej på er.
    Åkte Kawasaki 750 till Split med en kompis i början på 80 talet. Mycket trevlig stad, hyrde rum en vecka.
    Lärde oss bada näck på öarna utanför Split.
    Sedan blev det långfärdscyklist av mig med Sverige runt utefter kusten som längsta tur.(Hittills!).
    Kommer att följa er hela vägen
    Lycka till hälsar 56årig Mariefredsbo.
    Driver Lilla Vasskärr B&B, kom förbi nångång, ni får bo gratis…

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