Restless across Scotland and East Africa

For the first time in history restless bikers will split up into two trips. Christian will fly to Dublin in mid june for a three week tour in Scotland and Ireland. Christofer and Jonas will spend their summer with a six week tour around lake Victoria, biking through Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Christian decided early that he wanted to go to Scotland, and found two friends who wanted to come. Christofer wanted to go to Africa, and for Jonas it was an easy decision to join!

This post will be about the Africa trip.

When Christofer first mentioned East Africa in february Jonas immediately said he was interested, and a few days later he called and said YES with the words “an adventure like that I couldn’t possibly decline”. So, we said we’d talk a few days later and book the trip. The days went by and Christofer spent his free time reading about killer lions, snakes, spiders, crocodiles, hippos and began two get second thoughts. When he met with Jonas he wasn’t sure what to say, but Jonas was really keen on going, and after looking at incredible pictures of the east african nature we forgot all about the lions and booked the tickets! We fly out from Gothenburg on june 25th. Destination: Nairobi, Kenya.

The plan is to spend two nights in Nairobi, and then bike south towards Tanzania, which is 3-4 days away. If we have enough cash we’ll attempt to reach the peak of Kilimanjaro, and if we have even more cash we’ll go on a safari trip in Serengeti National Park. After crossing Tanzania we enter Uganda, and then we’re close to our final destination, Kampala, where we’ll fly home on august 5th. If we have more time and more cash we might bike the full circle around lake Victoria to Nairobi, and fly home from there. But who knows!

Last week we got our shots/prophylaxis (against hepatitis A&B, yellow fever, typhoid fever, cholera and malaria). We also booked a hostel in Nairobi and arranged to bring our bikes with air france and kenya airways. Next up is to convince someone to drive us to the airport, get all our gear ready and decide whether or not to climb up Kilimanjaro.

Here’s an approximate route:


One thought on “Restless across Scotland and East Africa

  1. Wow, man I would love to join in on this adventure. Sounds like it’ll be a blast. Have fun and go wild!

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